55-60 yd field goal

Dan Rather just said that John Kerry needs to kick the equivalent of a 55-60 yd field goal to win, now that Bush has 246 electoral votes, as they’ve given Colorado to him.

More bad news

Burr beat Bowles. Sh*t.

And the Republicans think the exit polls are underestimating the Bush vote nationwide.

Bush almost certainly has Florida.

I think Cuyahoga County in Ohio can give Kerry the win there. But then, he still needs another state IN ADDITION to Iowa, New Hampshire, and Minnesota. Wisconsin or New Mexico MUST go to Kerry.

And most of the toss-up Senate races have gone to the Republicans.

And 10 states are banning gay marriage.

Not optimistic

[I have several entries from today to still transcribe or transfer, but let me go live for the moment]

I am not optimistic because Kerry MUST win Ohio, and then, assuming Bush takes Florida, there’s a scenario by which the final result is 269-269, if Kerry gets Minnesota and Iowa and Bush gets Wisconsin, Nevada, and New Mexico (I’m making very crude estimates based on county-by-county tallies). So Kerry has got to win Ohio AND one of the ones that are leaning Bush, and I’m assuming that Kerry will get New Hampshire and Hawaii.

I’ll be up for awhile.

Yahoo Notepad – 11/2/04

11/2/04 [Begun 10:51AM] I have discovered a way to write a journal entry without having to go to LiveJournal.com (which is blocked) or webmail (which is blocked) or Bellsouth mail (which is probably monitored). I’ll just type in Yahoo! Notepad, save the note, and copy it into LJ later.

So, this morning, I was attempting to write something about the election, but LJ was having problems. I was musing about how anxious I’ve been about this day for the past four years. Four years ago, I stayed up until 5AM watching the coverage. Between a break between KOZ and Mobile Reach and being able do some work at home while at Mobile Reach, I watched a lot of TV coverage of the post-2000-election events. I became so invested in that race and have not lost interest four years later.

Bush being president has added weight to any depression I have felt. I find most of his policies and views repugnant. Let me try to list these gripes here, now and forever, for the record:
- Bush has been horrible for the environment. I like what Al Franken has said, that the “Clear Skies” act has only succeeded in clearing the sky of birds. He made no aggressive moves to raise fuel economy standards. He has not been aggressive in clamping down on greenhouse gas emissions. He has refused to accept the overwhelming scientific evidence that there is global warming.
- Tax policy. Just ridiculous. I understand that there is a legitimate opinion about how the tax distributionshould be, but I’m on the side that firmly believes the wealthy can bear higher tax rates than the middle class and lower class. I don’t buy the trickle-down theories. And I do believe the government needs sufficient revenues to cover many fundamental social programs.
- Iraq. Arrogant, unapologetic, stubborn, stupid.
- Social security. Privatization would be a disaster. For a party that believes in individual responsibility, it seems hypocritical to suggest that the government should help them invest in the stock market.
- Healthcare. The closer we get to universal healthcare, the better. A civilized society should take great care to ensure that its members have access to the best healthcare possible. Libertarians believe in survival of the fittest, basically, and Republicans believe that corporations can manage all of it.
- Minimum wage. Basic philosophical differences. Either let the market take care of itself or ensure that people can get as close to getting over poverty as possible. I go for the latter.\
- Religion inserted into governing. I don’t want to live in a Christian nation. I want to live in a nation that truly doesn’t care what your spiritual beliefs are. From the motto on our money to abortion, religion should have no role in the government.
- Abortion. If the government wants to define a human life as beginning before its birth, than life certificates ought to be filed as soon as conception is confirmed. If life is SO precious that women cannot choose whether or not to deliver the life growing inside of them, then the government ought to make sure that every life in the country has adequate food and shelter and love. Can it do that? Do Bush’s policies promote such a policy? Quite the opposite. His policies lead to more poverty, to more sickness, to more general unhappiness. Not to mention all of the people he murdered while governor of Texas. Or the 100,000 dead in Iraq as a result of the war. Make sure every person who has been born has been considered precious before worrying about those who haven’t been born yet.
- Basic intelligence. I just think it’s important that the leader of the free world be wise. I don’t know why this isn’t important to most people. It seems so basic. I’d like a president who truly understands most of the issues before him, who is curious about the world. By numerous accounts, Bush is not such a person.

11/2/04 [Start 12:54PM] Bored. Out of work to do again. The tasks I’ve been given have been so lightweight. I think I’ll check the support queue and see if there are any issues to grab.

When I’m bored, the constant open and closed of the breakroom door ten feet from me ticks me off.

My back aches. Ergomomically, this shelf I am working at ticks me off, too.

Zellouisa has a vet appointment at 2, so sometime after that, I may find out what is wrong with her. I’m also curious as to what note the apartment manager may have left in my apartment, since she emailed me yesterday to “profusely” apologize for the bungling of all the work orders. She must be scared of me, because she can’t make a friggin phone call.

11/2/04, 2:53PM – Zellouisa has diabetes. And now I really hate that I’m gone. At the very least, she will require a special diet of two feedings a day, or at the worst, two injections a day. Either way, I most definitely need to find some help besides my catsitters. From now, Zellouisa will be like a dog, in that she’ll require someone to be there for her each day. If she misses a treament, she could get very sick.

On a far less important note, I left both of my cell phone chargers in NC, so my phone died while I was on the phone with the vet earlier. I had to borrow a fun, and I borrowed it from one of my managers. I told her my cat had diabetes, and she laughed and queried, “What are you feeding her?” Haha. That’s so funny. Bitch.

Yes, so I am in a terrific mood now…


It is finally here. Ever since the Supreme Court voted 5-4 not to recount the Florida votes in 2000, I’ve been anxious for this 2004 election, like millions of others. I don’t know what to think now. Some factors have broken Kerry’s way–the huge turnout possibilities, the narrowing of most swing states, the lack of any good news for Bush. But I wake up to hear that Ohio is going to be an absolute mess because of these challengers that will be allowed into voting precincts that were first barred by lower courts and then allowed by higher courts and then still allowed after John Paul Stevens refused to intercede at 2AM.

Meanwhile…I slept well for the first time out of town, very likely due to the 3/4 bottle of pinot grigio I had, which helped soothe some wounds. But I shall not discuss these Dave issues today. Today is about the election.

Reagan’s Death

Out of respect for the recently deceased, everyone is bending over backwards to offer praise, even those most ardent liberals. He “ended the cold war”, “he made America believe in itself”, etc. etc.

I’m not going to spend the time to explore my thoughts on Reagan, just link to a post on the [lj user="air_america"] list about him, which is just a tad unnecessarily angry, but makes some important points nonetheless. I fear that people younger than myself will only think of Reagan has some nice old man who was a movie actor who said “Tear down that wall!” and defeated communism and not the president who ballooned the national debt, aided dictators, and ignored the plight of the poor and those stricken with AIDS.