Just sleeping pets

Off to Charlotte for a triple-header of renal excitement. Then off to North Myrtle Beach for mini golf and Nook reading on the beach (with umbrella and plenty of sunscreen so I don’t get the melanoma I am at even higher risk of getting on top of mole-prone skin).

Back Sunday, so I leave you some pics of the animals.

Hey, is anyone planning on going to Tulum, Mexico in November? If so (assuming you are aware of what I’m talking about), let me know. I’m close to pulling the trigger. I’ve never used my passport. With the dearth of plans for Life 2.0, using that passport should be on the bucket list. Oh, how I lament the inclusion of the term “bucket list” into our discourse.

Zellouisa (5) 2011.08.15

Herman daze (2) 2011.08.15

Aremid (2) 2011.08.15

Kitty by candlelight


Power is out. Thunderstorms. But it’s great, because it has cooled off outside, there’s no AC or fan noise, and Aremid can sit in the open window for the first time in a month.

Sunday night cat pics

Taken at about 3:30 in the morning today on the mobile…

Zellouisa and Aremid 2011
Rare photo of Zellouisa and Aremid within millimeters of each other

Az980402Vintage A & Z circa April 1998

Aremid curl 2011
Aremid still curling up after all these years

Aremid curled up in papasan chairVintage Aremid curl circa October 2002

Aremid as Healer

Two more grainy photos to add to my collection of Aremid helping me through a convalescence:

Healer IXHealer VIII

And the rest of the collection:

Aremid, Healer, yet againAremid as Healer VIHealer VHealer 4

Healer IIIHealer IIHealer


It’s been an interesting 19 days. Back home now, +1 kidney.

Home now. Pets happy to see me. Blurry pics to cell phone pics to commemorate the occasion:

Zellouisa 2011.07.15

Aremid 2011.07.15

Herman 2011.07.15

Photo catch-up – 2011.02.18

I was taking a lot of pictures four months ago, specifically on February 18. I was still in the midst of my post-surgery recovery at home and recently purchased my SLR camera. As often is the case when I shoot a lot of pictures, I never got around to going through them.

A sampling:

Zellouisa looking out the window 2011.02.18
Zellouisa, atop the stereo, looking out the window

Living Room 2011.02.18
The living room looks fairly cleaned up relative to its default state, because the cleaning service I began using in January on a monthly basis had just come. I took a bunch of pictures of the insides of my house, but I’ve loaded many of them to Flickr as private, since they still show a state of mess that I one day hope to use as “before” photos.

Happy Herman on the rug 2011.02.18
A happy Herman pic

Me and Aremid 2011.02.18 2
Me with that whiny 15-year-old brat-of-a-cat of mine

Bad Kitty!


Peeing and pooping with utter disregard for litter etiquette. It’s hard to stay mad at this face…

Cat Pee

I’m at work, and I notice the odor of cat urine. This isn’t good. My shirt? No. Pants? No. Shoes? Yup. Aremid has peed on one of my shoes at some point in time. Unfortunately, I don’t have any Nature’s Miracle on me. Ah, the joys of having a 15-year-old cat.

(Pic of a rained-on Aremid from 2000, when he was 4-year-old)

Feline health update

This post is a week late. I took Aremid back to the vet last Friday, worried that the new meds were not helping. I was, then, pleasantly surprised when my vet told me that Aremid’s weight had gone up a whopping 9 ounces in 13 days. She could also tell that some muscle had returned. So, as of a week ago, we thought that the prednisone was helping a lot, and he probably has been suffering from irritable bowel disease (in addition to hypothyroidism).

Aremid pics from a few days ago, and some of the other cat who lives here…

Aremid and Zellouisa 2011.04.09 04

Aremid 2011.04.09 05

Aremid and Z leg stretch 2011.04.09

Aremid 2011.04.09 01

Zellouisa 2011.04.09 01

A few more

Feline health update

So this is what this blog has become…just a series of human and pet health updates…

Aremid hides at vet appt
Aremid at the vet / 2011.03.26

“Severe muscle wasting on his head, scapula, and neck”

Down to 6 pounds, 15 ounces

Slightly elevated T-4, so his methimazole dosage for his hyperthyroidism has gone up.

And, since his condition can be completely attributed to hyperthyroidism, he has now started on prednisone, which will treat inflammatory disease, if that’s afflicting him.

We will see if Aremid finally starts putting on some weight for a change. If he doesn’t improve in a couple of weeks, we will add Leukeran, which is used to treat lymphoma.

Thank goodness for Greenies Pill Pockets.