The Object of My Affection

Damn HBO, well damn having eight HBO’s. My day is off to a slow start because I got sucked up into just about all of The Object of My Affection, the Jennifer Aniston-Paul Rudd movie about the friendship between a pregnant woman and a gay guy. It lays on the melodrama quite thick, so it’s one of those movies that one either can’t stand or enjoys a lot. I’m in the latter group. Jennifer Aniston is quite talented when she’s in the right film, which only happens about 25% of the time with her. I mean, she’s no Judi Dench…

Oh, and there’s this great Sting song called “You Were Meant For Me” that’s played over the closing credits. It’s probably an oldie that he was just covering. No, it’s not the Jewel song! Anyway, I need to find it and add it to Toastie Radio.

Notes on a Scandal

I saw Notes on a Scandal last night. Judi Dench gives a mesmerizing performance. He should win an Oscar. So maybe I haven’t seen any of the other nominated performances. No, wait, I saw Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. I thought, after having seen her performance, that she should get an nomination, and she did. Judi Dench was brilliant, though. The movie itself is pretty good, too. I read one review that noted Phillip Glass’ score has the film’s one glaring weakness. I think you either like Phillip Glass music or you don’t. I like it; I’ll probably buy it.

Super Size Me

It’s on MSNBC of all places. I guess their “Doc Bloc” actually will have real documentaries on occasion and not just “prison stories”.

Speaking of fast food, I have a New Year’s Resolution. I usually believe these are silly, since they’re typically unreasonable, and no one ever keeps them, but I truly believe in mine.

No more beef. No more pork.

On December 31, 2006, I had a steak, egg, and cheese bagel at McDonald’s for breakfast. I love those. Truly. That was my last one. For lunch, I had a delicious all-beef kosher hot dog at Costco. That was my last one. For dinner, I had my first and last blue-cheese-crusted filet mignon. It was fabulous.

No more. Cows are people, too. Ok, no, they’re not. And neither are pigs. But they’re mammals. They’re tasty, but they’re mammals. No more mammals in my belly. Besides, eating meat, in general, isn’t so good for my health.

So I’ll be eating a lot of chicken and turkey and fish in 2007. Plans to give up all meat, or at least the birds? No, not now. But I’m guessing that taking the step to eliminate beef and pork and our other warm-blooded furry friends will have been useful should I ever decide to completely eliminate meat from my diet.


If you don’t know any of the details about the 1978 Jonestown Massacre, and you’re interested in the nature of group dynamics and religious communities and cults, there’s a documentary now playing about Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple that I highly recommend. I hadn’t heard of the film nor knew much about the event until today. rates it at 95%

A Mistanthrope Moment, nothing to read here…

Flipping channels, I come across American Wedding. I decide to watch a few minutes, to see if perhaps I’ve misjudged the Gen X/Y crowds for embracing American Pie humor. Stifler accidentally feeds the wedding bands to one of the bride-to-be’s parents’ dogs. He waits for the dogs to shit. He collects a piece of shit with a little piece of paper and has it in his hand, when the bride-to-be’s mother spots him and wants to know what he’s holding. He says its a truffle. She wants to try some of the truffle. To prevent her from grabbing it, he eats it.

Stifler eats the dog shit! Ha ha ha. ROTFLMAO!

What a nation of idiots we are, where Stifler is a lengendary comic character, and Jackass Number Two is a blockbuster hit movie.

Of course, Gen X/Yers’ parents think the biggest threat to their kids and grandkids is internet predators. They’re going to throw the Republicans out of Congress for covering up one congressman’s desire to fuck their kids.

Meanwhile, [EDIT--I had originally done my own paraphrasing of something Bill Maher recently said on Real Time. Maher says it all far better than I can, and thank goodness for YouTube...]

RIP Bruno Kirby

He’s not even in this clip, but while looking for a clip with Bruno Kirby (When Harry Met Sally, City Slickers, many more), I found this:

Remixed trailer for When Harry Met Sally as a thriller

An Inconvenient Truth

At the end of An Inconvenient Truth, the credits alternate with suggestions on what we can do to help our planet. One of them is to get everyone you know to see the film.

So go see An Inconvenient Truth. I won’t try to tell you why you should see it. I’m not going to say another word about it. Just go see it.

The Terminal

Public entry, as last night’s was not, and I do want any movie opinions to be public
So The Terminal gets an 8 from me. Critics were mixed; they derided the slow pace; they said that something just “didn’t work”. I don’t really know what they’re talking about. I think expectations just get raised too high when Spielberg directs and Hanks stars. Had this been some low-budget indie with an unknown director and star, it would be getting rave reviews. Basically, for starters, any film with the brilliant acting of Tom Hanks, direction of Steven Spielberg, cinematography of Janusz Kaminski, and music of John Williams deserves to be seen and will be a masterful piece of filmmaking. And perhaps that’s all I cared about, and those factors along warrant a high rating for the film. But I liked the story. I liked the characters. So…an 8.

Also, there was a brilliant device used for the main titles, showed at the end, that I was very impressed with. Unlike most people, I must stay in my seat for the closing credits of a movie. It is a huge pet peeve of mine when everyone clears the theater as soon as the credits begin to role. I guess it is a huge pet peeve of mine that most people go to the movies for FUN, whereas I prefer to go for some cerebral enrichment. For them, the fun is over once the credits role. For me, the cerebral experience is incomplete without the credits…


[It seems Semagic had auto saved this a couple of days ago...]

I had the Croupier DVD from Netflix for over a month before I finally watched it last night. I need to have a database of movies I’ve watched, just one of those numerous to-do projects. Back when I started my journal in 1989, I used to list movie ratings all the time. Too bad I didn’t keep up with that; I’d have hundreds of movies to list by now. There is my IMDB page, which I did sort of copy and put on the old site. As with the restaurant list I am working on, I think I’d just limit my comments on movies to a few words, since I don’t proclaim to be an articulate critic of anything.

Croupier – last viewed 3/23/04 – 8 – Fascinating study of dealers and gamblers.