knox landing

knox landingb: watch for knox.
t: the guy who kills himself?
b: no.
t: knox?
b: just watch it. be knox.

ok. i’d see it before, a long time ago, and i even own it, but it’s been awhile. so i watched it again tonight. still a quality film; 8/10. yeah, it would be nice to be knox. but i think i’ve kinda tried that, ya know, been there, tried that, usually get the metaphorical crap beaten out of me by a metaphorical chet…

Toastchee #11: See, I was going to, but then I decided to get on living the rest of my life

Herman toastchee I’ve moved beyond music video piracy. Now, I’m supporting the blatant piracy of movies still showing in theaters. But it’s just so friggin’ brilliant.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
(9 of 10 toast slices)


Volcano redux

I am pleased to see that the “overlooked DVD of the week” on is Joe Versus The Volcano. I hope most people continue to overlook it, because I kinda like that most people haven’t seen it. But if you happen to be reading this, you ought to see it.

There were a couple of years when I titled my LiveJournal “Toastie Versus The Volcano”. I kinda miss that title.

Some slices of toast

Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (7/10)
1 slice1 slice1 slice1 slice1 slice1 slice1 slice
I was surprised just how much I laughed my ass off. Stay through the end of the credits.

Big Fish (7/10)
1 slice1 slice1 slice1 slice1 slice1 slice1 slice
I was surprised (again, having seen it in the theater, too) how I couldn’t like it more than a 7/10.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

1 slice1 slice1 slice

I didn’t just rent it; I went out and bought Monty Python and the Holy Grail after Barry saw my stunning 1/10 IMDB rating for it. I figured I must have misjudged it long ago, and I hadn’t recalled actually staying awake for the whole thing.

Despite the tremendous acclaim it gets on, ranked #59 of all the movies ever made, I found it excruciatingly awful. I am completely baffled as to how this film translates into brilliance for so many people. I like to think that, unlike other realms of pop culture, particularly music, I do tend to appreciate films that are highly acclaimed by others. Monty Python just doesn’t do it for me.

I will revise my IMDB ranking to 3/10. I once saw a movie with Christina Applegate as a teen prostitute that was probably worse…although maybe “Streets” is worth another viewing, too. I probably wasn’t paying much attention to Applegate’s “superb, riveting” performance. I was probably about sixteen when I saw this. Alas, Streets is not on DVD.

The Savages

I’ve got to dig up my toast icons and a bunch of them, at that. I saw The Savages tonight, and I’ll go nuts and award it
1 slice1 slice1 slice1 slice1 slice1 slice1 slice1 slice1 slice1 slice
(10 slices)

I think that puts it in the company of…well, what do my IMDB votes say? Hmm…I haven’t been too picky. I’ve given 18 other movies 10/10.

It’s not one of the best movies ever made, but it’s a 10 for me, because it hits nerves in me that no other films have reached before. (Standard movie post preface) I don’t think I have any ability to review movies. I can just try to explain why I like or don’t like them. Ok, I guess that might constitute a review, although not necessarily an informative nor a substantial one.

So…The Savages has all of these fine ingredients:
- Laura Linney
- Brother-sister conflict
- Brother and sister who had shitty childhoods
- Brother and sister approaching middle-age and still single, due to their shitty childhoods and inabilities to steer healthier paths as adults
- Focus on elder care, nursing homes, and end-of-life issues
- A cat that is treated well and not used for cruel jokes like many films featuring cats
- A dog that is similarly well-used
- Steady stream of unsentimental but powerful drama
- Healthy dose of bust-a-kidney laughs
- Liberal use of Perocet by characters
- Awesome final scene
- Phillip Seymour Hoffman
- Laura Linney

I mentioned Laura Linney twice on purpose.

It’s still playing at the Carolina Theatre in Durham, and if anyone wants to venture out to SCary, it’s at the Galaxy.

Oscar blogging

I’m don’t think it should be necessary to have to offer this preface in which I admit to liking and looking forward to watching the Oscars. I had people over my place last Oscars for a very rare hosting event. I think about 3% of the people there had any sincere interest in watching the show. I watched by myself this year. It’s probably better that way…I’ve never known anyone who enjoys the parts I enjoy and gets irritated by the things that irritate me. The following are my Twitter tweets about the show…

8:04PM – mickey rooney sighting! he’s still alive!

8:06PM – cannot hear a darn thing on this red carpet show. hope main show doesn’t have this problem. looking forward to hearing jon stewart

8:10PM – shaun robinson to ellen page- you just tuned 21, have you had a chance to become a drunk, high, pantyless hollywood starlet yet?

8:38PM – jon stewart is making me laugh too hard..i’m gonna bust a kidney

9:00PM – steve carell just had an amusing little bit…his ‘get smart’ with anne hathaway might be good

9:15PM – i actually haven’t seen anything nominated this year, for the most part….but i did see ratatouille, which was oscar-worthy, indeed

9:20PM – ugh, i hate how they cut people off mid-speech at to save time when there are inevitably numerous bloated production numbers

9:25PM – aggravated to see this duke medicine commercial for the 10th time, implying they actually give a crap about patients

9:30PM – bar is really low for presenters when the rock gets to give an award…just seems like there’d be more a-listers to pick from

9:35PM – salute to binoculars and periscopes…brilliant

9:40PM – bee montage – not funny…this is part of show that really drags…best animated short

9:55PM – actually disappointed not to see halle berry and judi dench…jonah hill and seth rogen banter not particularly funny

10:20PM – best actress upset…academy likes musical bios… glad ellen page didn’t win…sick of all the juno press…it was ok movie

10:30PM – another duke med ad…empathy, sympathy, compassion..???!!!!..f*ck you duke medicine…

10:40PM – “falling slowly” from movie “once” performed, remember my young pathetic self when i wasn’t angry at world, just unimaginably sad

10:50PM – nice 80 years of oscar montage…heavy use of dragonheart theme, one of best uplifting themes

10:55PM – i get teary when a 98-year-old wins an oscar…hope the music doesn’t play him off…classy, classy moment

11:10PM – song from Once just won, need to see it…jon stewart:”that guy is sooo arrogant” just busted another kidney

11:20PM – suzanne pleshette.deborah kerr.heath ledger..not a big year for big-name film star deaths…little action on death applaus-o-meter

11:25PM – found irony in us military fighting for our freedom giving award to doc film about dying woman suing to get pension for life partner

Charlie Wilson’s War

Charlie Wilson’s War (overall) 9/10

Charlie Wilson’s War (as experienced at Southpoint Cinemas) 6/10

The added accompaniment of bass thumping of I Am Legend from the adjacent theater was something I could have lived without. No wonder $9.25 is better spent buying a DVD to watch at home.

Best Picture checklist

Facebook makes maintaining a checklist like this easy. Actually, some service called Meosphere does that. Anyway, my tally of Academy Award-winning films that I have seen is pathetic. People who know me think I see a lot of movies; I really haven’t. I have accumulated a heap of pop culture knowledge without actually experiencing a good deal of the pop culture in question. Some might say, “Well, who cares? If it’s not important to you to see these supposedly good movies, why does it matter?” I care, and it is important to me, because I appreciate good movies, so I think I ought to see some of these that I haven’t checked off. I suppose, ultimately, I’m not a “movie-lover”, because if I ever had an Ultimate Life To-Do List, seeing these films wouldn’t be near the top…

Fox 50 on a Saturday afternoon

It’s like TNT, circa 1999, for those without cable.

Today’s schedule:
Michael (1996) (John Travolta, Andie McDowell (who sings a fine Pie song), William Hurt)

The American President (1995) (Michael Douglas, Annette Bening).

(Well, if it were TNT, the movies would repeat tonight, and tomorrow…and next weekend).

UPDATE Well, if it were TNT, Michael J. Fox’s character probably wouldn’t have to say, “You’re a United States congressman for the love of MIKE!” or “I’m gonna make a list of everyone who tried to STINK us this week!”